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Walpole, MA Table Rentals

The Tent Connection maintains a large inventory of quality rental tables and chairs in Walpole, MA and offers a diverse range of sizes and shapes. Whether you are having a cocktail party or an exposition, we can provide you with rental tables in Walpole, MA and the surrounding area - we service Massachusetts, Rhode Island and North East Connecticut. A delivery charge is required on small orders and is determined by distance from our warehouse in Sutton, Massachusetts to your location in Walpole, MA. There is not a delivery charge on orders over $300 and large orders maybe discounted dependant on availability and delivery logistics. We also offer folding chairs that can be delivered along with table rentals to Walpole, MA. They come in white, off white, gray and brown.

The eight foot banquet table is probably the most common Walpole, MA table rental for functions because they enable an efficient use of space. Commercial applications such as trade shows use mostly 8' rental tables. Occasionally 6' rental banquet tables will be used to maximize space. The 8' banquet table is used for buffets and work tables in food preparation. Buffets sometimes will combine 8' table rentals with serpentine or half round tables to create interesting configurations or have the buffet take a corner. If space is limited and you want to maximize the number of people in a given space, then using 8' tables for dining is a good choice. All Walpole, MA rental banquet tables have a width of 30".

Events that take place at home or office may have unique space limitations and a 30' wide table may be too wide to accommodate a buffet. An 18" wide by 6' table rental may be a better choice in these situations. Schools commonly use these rental tables in Walpole, MA for testing with students all seated on one side and facing the same direction. It is for this reason that they are sometimes referred to as classroom tables.

The most popular choice for dining and formal events in Walpole, MA is the five foot round table rental. The round table enhances the social aspect of the dining experience by enabling ease of conversation between all the individuals at the table. The 5' round rental table seats 8 people comfortably but can accommodate 10 people for less formal functions. As a general rule of thumb a 5' rental table with its accompaniment of chairs requires a 10' x 10' space. Round rental tables in Walpole, MA are also available in 6', 4' and 3'. Six foot round tables will seat 10 comfortably and four foot tables will seat 6 people. Three foot table rentals are generally used for cocktail parties. All the previously mentioned rental tables have a standard height of 30".

Cocktail table rentals in Walpole, MA have become more popular lately. They are 42" high allowing people to stand and have a place for drinks and appetizers. They are only available in 3' round.

All our Walpole, MA rental tables are in very good condition. We periodically go through the inventory removing staples and repairing any damage.

Rental tables are normally covered with table cloths either linen or disposable ones. We sell disposable coverings for the most common sizes and can recommend some linen suppliers on request.